Sunday, 30 January 2011


So here's the rough versions of the songs we were about to record for the Fukpig/Macho Insecurity split 7"  before we split.
Mostly recorded through one mic as we wrote them at practice so the quality is very dodgy.
Most of these songs had been drastically altered from the versions here and there were a few more songs that I haven't put on. Unfortunately there wasn't any decent recordings of the newer versions. The outro on the last song was just recorded messing about in practice but when recorded properly would have been a multi layered noise fest. 

Anyway these are the final M.I recordings.

Farewell dickheads x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Pilgrim Pub, Pilgrim St, Liverpool, L1 9HB
Good ol school DIY grind gig right on ya very doorstep!

The Afternoon Gentlemen (Leeds)

Macho Insecurity, (Brum)

HorseBastard, (Local)

Mecha-Godzilla, (Wigan)

First band 7.30pm, £3 door and in one of the best and cheapest boozers in town

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Shit End of the Stick

Recorded June 2010 in Leeds with Tom Dring, this was originally intended as our side of the Fukpig split 7". As times dragged on we've decided to release them on their own and record new stuff for that release.
So here you have it, 9 songs, 3.5mins.

"Fuck you OMB"

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

macho insecurity

Recorded in The 'grind' Shed at the back of Top Banana studio in April 2010 by ourselves with a few mics and a crate of BBQ beers and bananas. It's noisy and raw as fuck (i.e- very punk rock)
 These are all the tracks we wrote in the first year of the bands retched existence.  Originally released as a limited tape from Arse Gravy Tapes.